Our education program aims to produce and nurture a new generation of innovative leaders and thinkers in sustainability science. GIIS offers advanced certificate courses, short-term trainings, summer and winter schools, internships and writing boot camps. Drawn from the highly qualified team of our faculties, visiting faculties and research fellows, our education program provides skills, knowledge and the wider perspectives necessary to address the complex developmental challenges of the 21st century for students. Our courses foster independent thinking, scientific curiosity, and informed leadership. Students will be familiarized with interdisciplinary research, cutting-edge research tools, innovative research methodologies, and best practices.

Certificate courses

  • Advanced certificate course in research methods
  • Advanced certificate course in research tools

Training courses

  • Training seminar for local government policy makers
  • Basic and Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing courses
  • ABC of Ecological modelling
  • Introductory Global health
  • Health systems research
  • R for socio-ecological research