Gender and Equality

Our program on gender and equality aims to generate knowledge to empower women and marginalized groups.We value gender equality, women empowerment, social inclusion and diversity. Our research focuses on understanding the various factors that enhance and restrict empowerment of women and marginalized groups; investigating the complexities of power and asymmetries in gender relations across time, class, and cultures; examining  gender inclusion in developmental interventions; and assessing the  impact of developmental policies and programs on gender. We work to make gender salient in climate change, agriculture, water, energy, disaster risk management, health, nutrition, tourism and environmental sectoral policies and programs through collaboration with research groups within and outside GIIS. We also explore and promote gender–inclusive practices to create an equal opportunity society for all through interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary approach.

Team: Mandira Lamichhane Dhimal, Sujata Shrestha, Dipika Das