Global health and Nutrition

Our Global Health and Nutrition program supports improving the health and lives of people, with an aim to meet goal three of the sustainable development goals (SDG3) through community engagement, capacity building of health professionals,  qualitative and quantitative research for data generation, and design and implementation of ‘innovative public health interventions’ through implementation research. To achieve this, our researchers will expand their network with global leaders and experts of health sciences and medicine in collaboration with social  and natural scientists to address social challanges of global health. We will also work to address the impacts of global changes such as climate change and transboundary air pollution, which  affects both communicable and non-communicable diseases. Our team will collaborate with  local and international partners such as universities, public and private research institutions, established research networks, equipped laboratories, local and national academies, governmental and non-governmental bodies, funding agencies, charities, and individual scientists. Special focus will be given to  case studies on urban health and universal health coverage.Additionally, as the leader of health education and outreach activities in this region, GIIS will facilitate in the exchange of trainers and trainees, encourage graduate student supervision, and tap the knowledge and skills of enthusiastic Nepalese medicos and health scientists who are working abroad.

Team: Suraj Bhattarai (Team Lead), Meghnath Dhimal, Mandira Lamichhane Dhimal