Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles published in 2020

GIIS researchers published 25 peer-reviewed journal articles in 2020 in various journals such as Lowland Technology International, Ecology and Evolution, BMC infectious diseases, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Kathmandu Univ Med J, Nature, Journal of Applied Ecology,  The Lancet, Frontiers Young Minds, Remote Sensing, Journal of Reviews on Global Economics.

List of the journal articles:

1.  Ahmed, M. U., Ahmed, S. I., Ahmed, N., Awan, A. T., Bhadra, A., Bhattarai, S., Kumar, M., Dhimal, M., Shrestha, U. B., Abbas, S., Kaur-Ghumaan, S., Wahajuddin, W. (2020). A 360 Degrees Overview of the Science Diplomacy Scenario in South Asia in the context of   COVID-19. Science and Diplomacy.

2.  Bergado, D. T., Manandhar, S., Soralump, S., & Hino, T. (2020). Innovations in the Improvements of Soft Bangkok Clay using Prefabricated Vertical Drains and Deep Cement Mixing (DCM). Lowland Technology International, 22(1, June), 93-112.

3.  Bhandari, S., Aryal, A., Morley, C., Shrestha, U. B. (2020). The diet of the striped hyena in Nepal’s lowland regions. Ecology and Evolution

4.  Bhattarai, S., Dhungana, J., Ensor, T., & Shrestha, U. B. (2020). Health services availability and readiness for COVID-19 case surge in hospitals of Nepal.

5.  Bhattarai, S., Dhungana, J., Ensor, T., Shrestha, U. B. (2020). Assessment of service availability and Infection prevention measures in hospitals of Nepal during the transition phase of COVID-19 case surge medRxiv 2020.05.13.20097675; doi:

6.  Bhattarai, T., Poudel, S. C., Pokharel, N., & Bhattarai, S. (2020). Scrub typhus as a rare cause of acute pyelonephritis: case report. BMC infectious diseases, 20(1), 1-5.

7.  Brauman, K. A., Garibaldi, L. A., Polasky, S., Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Y., Brancalion, P. H., DeClerck, F., Shrestha, U. B., ... & Verma, M. (2020). Global trends in nature’s contributions to people. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(51), 32799-32805. doi:

8.  Chaiyaput, S., Manandhar, S., Karki, S., & Ayawanna, J. (2020). Characteristics of Cement Treated Soil: A Case Study from Soft Bangkok Clay and Red Soil of Nepal. Lowland Technology International, 22, 178-191.

9.  Chaudhary, R. P., Uprety, Y., Devkota, S., et al. (2020). Plant Biodiversity in Nepal: Status, conservation approaches, and legal instruments under New Federal Structure. In: Siwakoti, M., Jha, P. K., Rajbhandary, S., Rai, S. K. (eds). Plant Diversity of Nepal. Botanical Society of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal, 167–206.

10. Devkota, S., & Aryal, H. P. (2020). Wild mushrooms of Nepal. In: Siwakoti, M., Jha, P. K., Rajbhandary, S., Rai, S. K. (eds). Plant diversity of Nepal. Botanical Society of Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal, 41-54.

11. Dhimal, M. L., Rana, N., Aryal, B., Adhikari, S. K., Shrestha, R., Gyanwali, P., & Dhimal, M. (2020). Age and Gender Differences in COVID-19 Morbidity and Mortality in Nepal. Kathmandu Univ Med J, 72(4), 329-32.

12. Dongol, N., Manandhar, S., & Pradhan, P. M. (2020). Effects of Soil Structure Interaction on Reinforced Concrete Framed Structures. Lowland Technology International, 22(1): 064-074.

13. Karki, S., Manandhar, S., & Voottipruex, P. (2020). Determination of Optimum Strength of Red Soil and Mixed Soil using Soil-Cement (S/C) Mix Ratio. Lowland Technology International, 22(1, June), 147-158.

14. Kellogg, E. A., Abbott, J. R., Bawa, K., Gandhi, K. N., Kailash, B. R., Ganeshaiah, K. N., Shrestha, U. B., Peter Raven (2020). Checklist of the grasses of India. PhytoKeys 163: 1-560.

15. Kinyoki, D. K., Osgood-Zimmerman, A. E., Pickering, B. V., …., Bhattarai, S., …., Kassebaum, N. J., Hay S. I. et al.. (2020). Mapping child growth failure across low-and middle-income countries. Nature, 577(7789), 231.

16. Manandhar, S., Voottipruex, P., Maneekaew, S., Teerawattnasuk, C., & Meepon, I. (2020). Improvement of Soft Bangkok Clay using Kaolin-Quick Lime Geopolymer. Lowland Technology International, 22.

17. McElwee, P., Aumeeruddy-Thomas, Y., Babai, D., Bates, P., Boafo, Y., Fernández-Llamazares, Á., Galvin, K., Guèze, M., Hernández, G., Liu, J., Molnár, Z., Ngo, H., Reyes-García, V., Samakov, A., Shrestha, U. B., Singh, G. S., Brondizio, E., Díaz, S. (2020). Integrating Indigenous and Local Knowledge (ILK) into Large-Scale Ecological Assessments: The Experience of the IPBES Global Assessment. Journal of Applied Ecology

18. Murray, C. J. L, Abbafati, C., Abbas, K. M.,… Bhattarai, S., ….., Nagaraja, S. B. et al. (2020). Five insights from the Global Burden of Diseases Study 2019. The Lancet.

19. Pant, P. R., Banstola, A., Bhatta, S., Mytton, J. A., Acharya, D., Bhattarai, S., ... & James, S. L. (2020). Burden of injuries in Nepal, 1990–2017: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2017. Injury prevention, 26(Supp 1), i57-i66.

20. Rana, S., Shrestha, U. B., Ghosh, S., Droste, N., Coscieme, L., Ryu, H. and Nilsson, L. (2020). Assessing Nature’s Contributions to People. Frontiers Young Minds. 8:98. doi: 10.3389/frym.2020.00098.

21. Reiner, R. C., Wiens, K. E., Deshpande, A., … Bhattarai, S., ….., Denova-Gutierrez, E. et al. (2020). Mapping geographical inequalities in childhood diarrheal morbidity and mortality in low-income and middle-income countries, 2000-2017: analysis for the GBD Study 2017. The Lancet.

22. Rimal, B., Sloan, S., Keshtkar, H., Sharma, R., Rijal, S., Shrestha, U. B. (2020). Patterns of Historical and Future Urban Expansion in Nepal. Remote Sensing, 12(4), 628.

23. Shrestha, A. M., Shrestha, U. B., Sharma, R., Bhattarai, S., Tran, H. N. T., Rupakheti, M. (2020). Lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic reduces air pollution in cities worldwide. Eartharxiv [Preprint].

24. Whitworth, M. R., Moore, A., Francis, M., Hubbard, S., & Manandhar, S. (2020). Building a More Resilient Nepal-The Utilisation of the Resilience Scorecard for Kathmandu, Nepal following the Gorkha Earthquake of 2015. Lowland Technology International, 21(4, March), 229-236.

25. Elheddad, M., Thapa-Parajuli, R., & Alharthi, M. (2020). Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Natural Resources: Blessing or Curse? Empirical Evidence from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). Journal of Reviews on Global Economics9, 232-241.


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