Get Involved

Get Involved

You can get involved into the Global Insitute for Interdisciplinary Studies (GIIS) through several ways.


GIIS’s researchers are currently involved in collaborative research programs with government, private and public institutions, and universities worldwide. GIIS provides a generous scheme for collaboration and partnership. By collaborating with us, you will  benefit from our researchers’ excellent research expertise, capability, and experiences.Collaborators are able to use our research facilities and tools, have an access to our networks and can participate in joint funding opportunities.


GIIS organizes a regular seminar, webinar and pannel discussions. To attend seminar and public talks as an audience member or as a speaker, please contact:


GIIS organizes a range of short and long-term academic trainings and workshops to build the research capacity of students, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners. We also conduct summer schools. Our advance certificate course runs regularly.  


GIIS accepts monetary and other forms of donations from national and international donors and private philanthropists. Funding GIIS is the best option to make a real impact on developmental policies and practices in Nepal. Please contact:


You can visit GIIS as a visiting research scholar, a short-term scholar, and an intern. We offer various research facilities and tools.


Global Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies
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