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Suraj Bhattarai

Suraj Bhattarai

Research Fellow Global Health And Nutrition
Phone: +977-9849158460 Email: Degree: M.S. in International health and clinical tropical medicine (2018) | University of London, UK Experience: 5+ years

Dr. Suraj Bhattarai is a clinician and global health scientist with experience and interest in infectious & tropical diseases, maternal and child health, global vaccines, and transdisciplinary science. He has recently completed advanced training in public health, epidemiology, International health and clinical tropical medicine from the University of London, UK. Additionally, he has received informal training in child health and clinical research from top institutions of Europe and the USA after graduating from BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan with a medical degree partly supported by the Golden Jubilee Scholarship Scheme awarded by the Embassy of India.

In 2018, Dr. Bhattarai was selected for a five-year membership of the Global Young Academy where he represents Trust in science/medicine and Global health working groups. He was selected for Young Physician Leaders Program in 2016 by Inter Academy Medical Panel and participated in World Health Summit in Berlin. He serves as a member of several professional societies, steering committees, and working groups that discuss, propose, and implement health policies and research projects.

Dr. Bhattarai has published scientific reports and peer-reviewed research articles, delivered presentations, and contributed as a reviewer and editorial board member for reputed journals. He has represented young Nepalese scientists in many global forums.

Twitter: @DrBhattarai