Sanjeev Poudel received Alumni Disability Initiative Grants 2021

Our research associate, Mr. Sanjeev Poudel, Australia Awards Alumni has received an ‘Alumni Disability Initiative Grants 2021’ from Australia Awards. The three alumni; Artivist Ashmina Ranjit, sociologist Dr. Neeti Aryal Khanal and researcher Poudel teamed up to execute the activities on social inclusion connections. A collaborative virtual workshop that brought together young artists, sociologists, and people with disabilities with the purpose of engaging them in an open dialogue through advocating and promoting social inclusion. The group had a virtual dialogue on themes of disability friendly infrastructures and transportation, inclusive education, employment opportunities and disability, and depiction of disability in society. The grant activities benefitted 21 youths from diverse backgrounds and has reached 11,475 people virtually through Facebook page- 

Social Inclusion Connections. 

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